Installing MacTex and TeXlipse on Mac OS X


TeXlipse is an Eclipse Plugin that allows you to have control of your Tex files, compile them, and convert them to PDF. It runs through Eclipse and its very easy to use. Using Eclipse as a tool for Tex is nice because you can use all the other Eclipse’s tools to be more productive(CVS, SVN, Mylin etc).

The only requirement to install Texlipse, is to have a Tex toolchain already installed on your Mac. The recommended way to have the whole toolchain, is to install MacTex. In order to install […] Continue Reading…


Run your own OpenID server – Installing Prairie on lighttpd


I am sure that you have heard about OpenID. OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. That means that you only need only one username in order to be able to login into many sites that support OpenID. Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft and many many others have expressed support and are already providers of this wonderful idea that is spreading every day.With OpenID every user has one universal username that uses in every OpenID-enabled site. For example, my OpenID is “”. It is unique since I […] Continue Reading…


SSH Tunneling to redirect requests from a local port to a remote one


Suppose that you want to access a remote port in a machine that runs a service on port 3306. Also suppose that the remote machine has restricted access to that port only for requests coming from the host “localhost”. You will have to create a tunnel to that machine and tunnel all your requests from you local computer’s port e.g. 2000 to the remote host’s port 3306.

ssh  -L 2000:localhost:3306

After doing this, every request to localhost:2000 will be redirected(tunneled) to the remote machine at port […] Continue Reading…


PTY allocation request failed on channel 0


Yesterday, I was trying to login to my machine and I got the following message:

PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

My prompt was stuck and I could not enter commands. This happened because -for some reason- the tty related devices(/dev/ptmx, /dev/pts) were not created or mounted on my machine. In order to get this problem resolved, I created and mounted the missing devices using the following commands:

rm -rf /dev/ptmx
mknod /dev/ptmx c 5 2
chmod 666 /dev/ptmx
umount /dev/pts
rm -rf /dev/pts
mkdir /dev/pts
mount /dev/pts

In order to be able to execute commands you will […] Continue Reading…


Installing WP Super Cache with lighttpd


Trying to get WP Super Cache & WordPress working on my fast lighttpd server, I came into problems, mainly because of lighttpd’s lack of (Apache’s version of) the mod_rewrite module. The static files that were created from the cache were not statically served from wordpress. The problem is that in order to use them, the PHP fcgi was called for each request. So, why would we have to call PHP every time that a file can be completely statically provided by the web server?Following this guideI came up with […] Continue Reading…